Sunday, August 24, 2014

#9: DIPA (Electric Nurse)

Name: DIPA
Brewery: Electric Nurse
Style: Double India Pale Ale, 8%

At first when I saw this beer, I thought Electric Nurse was the name of the beer, but it turned out to be the brewery. ( -10 points to the beer, +10 points to the brewery) I thought a double IPA named Electric Nurse, with those mischievous-looking label ladies, was sure to be a hoppy, crisp, awesome drinking experience.
The smell made me "mmmm". The taste was good, although not the freshest. It's a solid double IPA, but nothing really stands out about it. I'll definitely drink it again and again if it's made available, but I won't seek it out.

Label: 3/5
Beer: 3.5/5

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