Friday, August 29, 2014

#10: Pride (Amager Bryghus)

Name: Pride (from The Sinner Series)
Brewery: Amager Bryghus
Style: Imperial Stout, 10%

I've been ogling the bottles in Amager's Sinner Series for a while, and I will probably end up blogging all of them. They are named after the seven deadly sins, and their labels are all pretty cool.
Copenhagen Pride is going on right now, so I figured this one would be a good one to start with, even though the beer is about a different kind of pride. *wink*
I had it just below room temperature, and it was very good. The only thing that would raise my opinion of it would be an extra taste in there to set it apart from others in my memory. It's the poster boy for imperial stouts, though. Very good.

Label: 3.5/5
Beer: 4/5

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