Saturday, August 16, 2014

#5: It's Alive! - Lychee (Mikkeller)

Name: It's Alive! (Brewed with lychee and aged in white wine barrels.)
Brewery: Mikkeller
Style: Sour Ale, 8%

A poster at Mikkeller & Friends caught my eye. Is this someone drowning in pink champagne? What? It wasn't until I went up to it that I saw that it was actually a poster size version of a beer label. Then I saw the word "lychee" and I was sold. I had to have this beer. They had it in the bottle shop, and it was this cute little ladylike bottle, looking very much like champagne.
I was a little disappointed with it, but only because I was expecting it to be absolutely heavenly. I wanted a lot more lychee; I only picked up on it (and the white wine with it) for a fleeting moment before the aftertaste set in. It was a good beer, but it could be so much better.

Label: 4/5
Beer: 3.5/5

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