Saturday, August 16, 2014

#7: Abraxas - Barrel Aged (Perennial Artisan Ales)

Name: Abraxas (Aged in rye barrels.)
Brewery: Perennial Artisan Ales
Style: American Imperial Stout, 11.2%

Evocative of ancient Mayan or Incan design, this label makes me expect a complex, spicy, chocolatey brew. I want liquid hedonism—that sinfully decadent taste and mouthfeel that rewards you just for being alive.
This has that potential. I think if I had tried it after it had aged more, that may have made it better. It was still really good—definitely complex and spicy. The cacao nibs and vanilla didn't come through enough for me though. If it was just a touch sweeter and thicker, it would have been perfect.

Label: 4/5
Beer: 4/5

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