Saturday, September 6, 2014

#13: Shadow Pictures (Amager Bryghus)

Name: Shadow Pictures / Skyggebilleder
Brewery: Amager Bryghus
Style: Double India Pale Ale, 8%

I'm a kid at heart, and that includes getting excited and giggly about shadow puppets (even though I kinda suck at them). The name is what got me with this beer, but the label is pretty cool, too.
I couldn't decide for a while what to rate this one. It's definitely good. It's a bit sweet, with hoppy bitterness and some citrusy notes. I kept asking myself what I would change for the taste to be ideal. I couldn't come up with anything, but it was lacking something. Maybe it just comes down to a matter of personal preferences. I think the really standout beers are ones with a distinctive, memorable taste. This one might just be too balanced for me. So if you like your beers really well balanced, try this one! But hey, try it anyway. It's darn tasty. And make some shadow puppets for me while you're at it.

Label: 3.5/5
Beer: 4/5

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