Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#19: Double Hop Monster IPA (Greene King)

Name: Double Hop Monster IPA
Brewery: Greene King Brewery
Style: Double IPA, 7.2%

This bottle caught my eye months ago, and I finally got to have one. Can't resist a dragon with gold wings! It's a simple label—a bit cartoony, but charming. Personally, I would love if this had some chili in it so you could feel like you were breathing fire like a dragon, but I'm not the one brewing this beer.
The label says that it is "late hopped for maximum aroma and a refreshingly bitter finish", and I'd say with that they deliver what they promise. Unfortunately this bottle wasn't the freshest, but I can imagine this would be excellent if it had been. That said, this beer didn't blow me away; the dragon merely hiccupped some sparks and smoke, a shadow of what it could be. I wouldn't buy another bottle, but if I found it fresh on tap somewhere I would definitely give it another try.

Label: 4/5
Beer: 3.5/5

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